International Patents
International Patents

1.    (WO2019080594) Ferroelectric-Enhanced Solar Cell And Preparation Method Therefor

Hongwei Han, Anyi Mei, Shuang Liu, Xiaolei Li, DeyiZhang.

Abstract: Disclosed by the present invention are aferroelectric-enhanced solar cell and a preparation method therefor, whereinthe ferroelectric-enhanced solar cell comprises a conductive substrate (1), anda hole barrier layer (2), a mesoporous nanocrystalline layer (3), a mesoporousseparation layer (4), and a mesoporous back electrode layer (5) that aresequentially deposited on the conductive substrate (1); the mesopores of atleast one from among the mesoporous nanocrystalline layer (3), the mesoporousseparation layer (4) and the mesoporous back electrode layer (5) are filledwith an optical active material; at least one from among the hole barrier layer(2), the mesoporous nanocrystalline layer (3) and the mesoporous separationlayer (4) comprises a ferroelectric material or a ferroelectric nano-compositematerial. The present invention replaces an ordinary thin film by using aferroelectric nano material having good crystallization, such as nanoparticles, such that residual polarization strength is higher, while notinfluencing the transmission of the carrier; furthermore, an inorganicferroelectric material processed by means of a special manual polarizationprocess may further effectively promote the separation and transmission of thecarrier.

2.    (US20160315213) Mesoscopic solar cell based onperovskite light absorption material and method for making the same

Hongwei Han, Zhiliang Ku.

Abstract: A method for preparing a mesoscopic solarcell based on perovskite light absorption materials, the method including 1)preparing a hole blocking layer on a conductive substrate; 2) preparing andsintering a mesoporous nanocrystalline layer, an insulation separating layer,and a hole collecting layer on the hole blocking layer in order; and 3)drop-coating a precursor solution on the hole collecting layer, and allowingthe precursor solution to penetrate pores of the mesoporous nanocrystallinelayer via the hole collecting layer from top to bottom, and drying a resultingproduct to obtain a mesoscopic solar cell.

3.    (US20160111575) Mesoscopic solar cell based onperovskite light absorption material and method for making the same

Hongwei Han, Zhiliang Ku.

A mesoscopic solar cell, including: a conductivesubstrate, a hole blocking layer, a mesoporous nanocrystalline layer, aninsulation separating layer, and a hole collecting layer, and perovskite lightabsorption materials. The hole blocking layer, the mesoporous nanocrystallinelayer, the insulation separating layer, and the hole collecting layer aresequentially laminated on the conductive substrate. The perovskitesemiconductor materials are filled in the mesoporous nanocrystalline layer, theinsulation separating layer, and the hole collecting layer, which enables themesoporous nanocrystalline layer to be an active light absorption layeroperating as a photoanode, and enables the insulation separating layer to be ahole transporting layer.

4.    (US20160137915) Perovskite photoelectric functionalmaterial modified with amphipathic molecule, and methods for preparing andusing the same

Hongwei Han, Anyi Mei.

A perovskite-based photoelectric functionalmaterial having a general formula MzAyBXz+y+2.The matrix of the photoelectric functional material is a perovskite materialABX3, M is an organic amphipathic molecule used as a modificationcomponent of the matrix, 0<z≤0.5, 0<y≤1, and y+z≥1.

5.    (WO2015109647) Perovskite Photoelectric FunctionalMaterial Modified With Amphipathic Molecule And Use Thereof

Hongwei Han, Anyi Mei.

An MzAyBXz+y+2 perovskite-basedphotoelectric functional material modified with an organic amphipathic moleculeand a preparation method and the use thereof. The functional material takes anABX3 perovskite material as a matrix and takes an organicamphipathic molecule M as a modification component, and the general chemicalformula of the functional material is shown as MzAyBXz+y+2.The matrix material and modification material used are low in cost and rich inraw materials; in addition, the preparation method can adopt a full-solutionmethod, the preparation process is simple, without expensive equipment andinstruments, at the same time the crystallization property of the obtainedperovskite material is significantly improved, and the photoelectric conversionefficiency and stability of a solar cell prepared therefrom are greatlyimproved.

6.    (WO2015007094) Mesoscopic Solar Cell Based OnPerovskite Light Absorption Material And Preparation Method Thereof

Disclosed is a mesoscopic solar cell based on aperovskite light absorption material, comprising a substrate, and a holeblocking layer, a mesoporous nanocrystalline layer, an insulation separationlayer, and a mesoporous hole collecting layer that are sequentially stacked onthe substrate. The mesoporous nanocrystalline layer, the insulation separationlayer, and the mesoporous hole collecting layer are all filled with perovskitesemi-conductor materials. Further disclosed is a preparation method thereof. Amesoscopic solar cell device in the present invention is prepared by using afull printing method. A perovskite nanocrystalline is used as an active lightabsorption material and a hole transmission layer is formed in the mesoporousinsulation separation layer by using hole conduction performance of theperovskite nanocrystalline, so that a hole is directly transmitted into thehole collecting layer and use of an organic P type material is avoided. Inaddition, the hole collecting layer is made of cheap materials such asmesoporous carbon, the preparation technology of the solar cell device iseffectively simplified, the manufacturing cost is reduced, and a goodindustrialization prospect is achieved.

China Patents
China Patents
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  14. 韩宏伟,胡玥,张智慧. 一种有机无机杂化钙钛矿半导体材料及其制备方法[P]. 湖北:CN107591486A,2018-01-16.

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